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I Hate Myself for Loving

It's ironic that so many Republicans despise government and want it to be smaller -- much smaller.  Ronald Reagan wanted to be able to drown it.   But they desperately want to be in a position to tell people how to live.  They call that freedom.   ...

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The Post Gets One Right On Taxis!

A recent NY Post editorial makes a good point in calling for a new process to deploy taxis in New York City. The current plan, inherited from the Bloomberg administration,  forces taxi owners to use one particular model by one particular manufacturer, and doesn't consider potential new developments in technology, style, and customer wants and needs. At one point in the previous administration's planning, a ...

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ATM’s Dispense Cash — and Sex Changes

Okay, climate change is a hoax, evolution is just a theory, man roamed the earth with dinosaurs, and scientists around the world are engaged in a giant conspiracy against America.  But technology is an unmitigated good, and we have to get rid of government agencies and their pesky regulations. What will it take to scare people into recognizing man-made environmental hazards? Maybe their penises shrinking? T ...

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June 8 post

What is wrong with the Obama administration?  They continually find ways to step on their messages and their policies. Even when they have overwhelming support for its principles and policies, they somehow manage to confuse the American public, and indeed the entire world.  It has lost credibility, comes across as weak or adrift.  The President seems capable of delivering a good speech, but his words don't ...

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