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No More Daily Snooze?

[caption id="attachment_3013" align="alignnone" width="410"] The Daily News may be dying, but at least it's making some noise.  It's good to see.  When it was known as "New York's picture newspaper," the News sold over 3 million copies a day across the country and dominated the tabloid world.  It's 1976 headline, "Ford to City:  Drop Dead!" probably helped Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford.  It'll probably neve ...

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The Sterilization of New York City

To a New Yorker of a certain age, a coffee shop is what the rest of America would call a diner.  Fairly generic, from the 60s through the 70s they were often run by Greek immigrants and their families.  Today, their employees are usually from South America.  But still they are fixtures of their neighborhoods, places for old folks to meet for coffee and kibitzing, young adults to sober up after a night of bi ...

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Come on, Jeb! Knock The Donald Out — Literally

Why doesn't Jeb Bush do the one thing that would truly shake up the Republican primary race, end Donald Trump's reign of terror over the GOP's establishment and his hold on the  of his faithful followers, and maybe, just maybe, prove he really isn't a "low-energy," loser of a candidate? In the debates in the last few months, Trump hasn't merely challenged Jeb's qualification to be President, he's insulted h ...

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The Trust Issue

In this age of Trump, it's truly remarkable that much of the public could have such a visceral dislike of the most experienced, qualified, and candidate for President.  Older women, many of them hard-bitten feminists and careerists, few of them starry-eyed idealists, believe in Hillary Clinton.  But despite her acknowledged accomplishments and commitment to generally liberal causes, younger women, and just ...

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I Hate Myself for Loving You

It's ironic that so many Republicans despise government and want it to be smaller -- much smaller.  Long-time Republican activist Grover Norquist has said, "I don't want to abolish government.  I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." Okay, size matters.  And some of those who oppose intrusive government are probably sincere in their libertar ...

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The Post Gets One Right On Taxis!

A recent NY Post editorial makes a good point in calling for a new process to deploy taxis in New York City. The current plan, inherited from the Bloomberg administration,  forces taxi owners to use one particular model by one particular manufacturer, and doesn't consider potential new developments in technology, style, and customer wants and needs. At one point in the previous administration's planning, a ...

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ATM’s Dispense Cash — and Sex Changes

Okay, climate change is a hoax, evolution is just a theory, man roamed the earth with dinosaurs, and scientists around the world are engaged in a giant conspiracy against America.  But technology is an unmitigated good, and we have to get rid of government agencies and their pesky regulations. What will it take to scare people into recognizing man-made environmental hazards? Maybe their penises shrinking? T ...

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The Amazing Disappearing President

What is wrong with the Obama Administration?  It continually finds ways to step on its messages and its policies.  While it has had overwhelming support for its principles and policies, it somehow managed to confuse the American public, and indeed the entire world, and often comes across as weak and adrift.  The President can boast of great achievements, but has never seemed capable of -- or even interested ...

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Budget Cuts Threaten Cutting-Edge Technology

It should be obvious that government must play a critical role in developing new technologies. Government can promote ideas based solely on potential merit or benefit, while private investors must focus on profitability. By supporting pure research and nurturing innovative approaches to solving national needs, the government also provides an invaluable resource to commercial ventures, sometimes in the most ...

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