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A very dark Knight

The NY Post's Charles Gasparino criticizes the head of Knight for the failure of his company's computerized trading program, but lays much of the blame on Mary Shapiro, head of the SEC, for not doing enough to ensure the integrity of the markets. Exchanges’ computerized Achilles heel August 8, 2012 The disaster at Knight Capital Group is about a lot more than a computerized-trading program gone wrong — it a ...

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How much do the two major political parties really care about you?

Jack Cafferty is a curmudgeon who implicitly speaks for "everyman" -- no-nonsense, unpretentious, rumpled, middle-aged men like himself. But the very premise of his question is fundamentally flawed. He says, "The list of problems the country is mired in suggests the two major parties are the problem, not the solution." First, relatively speaking, the country's not in terrible shape, certainly not compared t ...

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Funding the ‘Final Frontier’

The day after Curiosity touched down on Mars, an incredible once-in-a-lifetime technological achievement for NASA, a giant step for scientific research, and a dramatic affirmation of America's legacy of pioneering spirit, CNBC came up with this beauty: "Perhaps one of the most significant parts of last might's landing is the renewed debate over space and as taxpayer exploration funding -- a necessity or sim ...

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That old QE religion: faith, hope & no clarity

John Crudele makes an interesting proposal to jump-start the economy. Is he right? Who knows? But his idea is specific and substantive, and doesn't fit neatly into typical right or left categorization. Sadly, such ideas never seem to make it into the national dialogue. Instead, we are subject to a barrage of ideologies -- or more bluntly, propaganda -- that drowns out the possibility of creative solutions a ...

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Journalism’s Misdeeds Get a Glance in the Mirror

July 29, 2012 The hacking scandal in Britain has mostly been treated as a malady confined to an island, rather than a signature event in a rugged stretch for journalism worldwide. Read more: ...

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Your tax dollars, lost in space: Major science funding takes hit under Obama

June 7, 2012 NASA is shuttering the Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small Explore (GEMS) project, which was going to use X-rays to study black holes and space-time theory, the space agency announced Thursday -- but not before costing taxpayers at least $43.5 million. ...It joins a growing list of major science projects, from the space shuttle and new rockets to labs built back on or deep beneath the ground, t ...

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TOWN HALL: Obama insults entrepreneurs (poll)

Want to see a blatant disregard for the truth? Check out this editorial of Gazette. It includes a video of President Obama's actual remarks, which belie the lying slop served below (no promise that the video itself hasn't been dishonestly edited, but the full video exists if you want to check it elsewhere. 'Somebody else made that happen' WAYNE LAUGESEN July 17, 2012 FOR THE EDITORIA ...

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Fox News claims pollution is good for the environment

Recently a program on the Fox News network called "America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum" aired a segment which claimed that pollution was good for the environment. Fox also published an article on the very same subject, while citing a study recently completed by Auburn University. In typical fashion Fox chose to trumpet out of context facts to get attention, while off-handedly mentioning ...

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If It’s Not On TV, It’s Not Really Happening

No exaggeration, the New York Times business pages have covered at least one scandal a day at financial institutions for weeks. And it's not just "liberal" thing; even the New York Post has been reporting on shaky -- to be kind -- business dealings. But broadcast news -- well, apparently they don't consider corruption throughout the financial world news. ...

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