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Uninsured and fighting blazes: Welcome to the life of a federal firefighter

Right now, wildfires of “epic proportions” are tearing through the Colorado forests. Thousands of federal firefighters charged with taming the blazes do not have health insurance. That includes 27-year-old John Lauer. He’s a member of a Colorado-based “hotshot” crew, one of the teams of the most skilled federal fighters that gets deployed where fires are the worst. In six years, he has fought fires in Utah, ...

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Judge refuses to grant injunction for Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law

For the sake of our democracy, we can only hope she's right. Olivia Thorne, president of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, said the push to get people acceptable photo IDs for Election Day is "going to get bigger." August 15, 2012 York, PA - Olivia Thorne expects to see a ramp up in efforts to help voters get valid photo identification under Pennsylvania's new strict voter ID law. "There are two t ...

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Family Research Council Shooting Possibly Driven by Politics

At a news conference, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, praised Mr. Johnson — whose primary job is as building manager — as a hero and characterized the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism. He said that “reckless rhetoric” aimed at groups like his had motivated Mr. Corkins. He singled out the Southern Poverty Law Center, which characterizes the Family Research Council as a hat ...

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Activists fight city to save last two buildings in Little Syria

Jun 24, 2012 Historic downtown heritage faces doom Little Syria is facing a big problem. Activists are rallying to save the last vestiges of America’s first Arab-American neighborhood before it’s too late — but the city doesn’t think the buildings are worth it. “Most people don’t realize that the center of Arab life was in the shadow of the World Trade Center,” said Todd Fine, an organizer with Save Washing ...

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Harry Reid: Romney ‘couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher’

By Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News Senior Political ReporterPresident Barack Obama and his Democratic allies have launched a sustained attack this week over Mitt Romney's refusal to release additional tax returns, suggesting the Republican nominee is trying to "hide" something from the American people. On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested Romney would never win Senate confirmation for a Cabin ...

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