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Judge refuses to grant injunction for Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law

For the sake of our democracy, we can only hope she's right. Olivia Thorne, president of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, said the push to get people acceptable photo IDs for Election Day is "going to get bigger." August 15, 2012 York, PA - Olivia Thorne expects to see a ramp up in efforts to help voters get valid photo identification under Pennsylvania's new strict voter ID law. "There are two t ...

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How the Supreme Court Came to Embrace Strip-Searches For Trivial Offenses

August 16, 2012 This past April, the five conservative Supreme Court Justices gave jail officials the right to strip and search every person arrested and jailed, even if the alleged offense is trivial and there is no reason to suspect danger of any kind. The ruling, in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of County of Burlington, compounds the assault on human dignity committed by the Court in another 5- ...

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SHAME: Ohio Republicans Are Denying Equal Right to Vote to Democrats

When you heard Republicans falsely accuse Obama of trying to kill the military vote in Ohio, you naturally went looking for what Republicans were really doing in Ohio. This is the way of the modern day Republican Party, and it’s getting so transparent that they should have the good grace to be embarrassed, but no one is going to accuse Republicans of having shame these days. What’s going on in Ohio right no ...

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Jim Greer, Former Florida Republican Chairman, Says Party Officials Discussed Suppressing Black Vote

Remarkable: A Republican leader telling the truth -- deliberately -- about his party's plans to return to the era of Jim Crow. July 27, 2012 In a lawsuit filed against the Republican Party in Florida, former chairman Jim Greer said that party officials discussed ways in which they could prevent blacks from voting, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Greer alleged that party officials, some of whom he called "whack ...

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Activists fight city to save last two buildings in Little Syria

Jun 24, 2012 Historic downtown heritage faces doom Little Syria is facing a big problem. Activists are rallying to save the last vestiges of America’s first Arab-American neighborhood before it’s too late — but the city doesn’t think the buildings are worth it. “Most people don’t realize that the center of Arab life was in the shadow of the World Trade Center,” said Todd Fine, an organizer with Save Washing ...

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