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My Big Fat Belizean, Singaporean Bank Account

July 29, 2012 Mitt Romney has been criticized for hiding his money in offshore bank accounts. Of course, he sees nothing wrong with the practice, and has said the American people wouldn't respect a person who paid more than his legal share of taxes. That may be true, at least among those Americans with the wealth and corporate power to take full advantage of the opportunities to pay less -- and to keep as m ...

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U.S. Tightens Security for Economic Data

Apparently some media outlets serve financial clients rather than the public interest. Now there's a surprise. But least the government is taking some steps to protect market-sensitive information. Guess they feared -- and financial institutions liked -- the idea that the movie Trading Places was becoming a reality. Fearing leaks to high-speed traders, the government is overhauling its “lockup room,” where ...

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If It’s Not On TV, It’s Not Really Happening

No exaggeration, the New York Times business pages have covered at least one scandal a day at financial institutions for weeks. And it's not just "liberal" thing; even the New York Post has been reporting on shaky -- to be kind -- business dealings. But broadcast news -- well, apparently they don't consider corruption throughout the financial world news. ...

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