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The Secret to Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun has been a dream for generations. But fossil fuels still have a virtual monopoly on energy production and vehicular power, and enhanced access to domestic natural gas has made it extremely economical and more popular than ever for generating electricity. The failure of Solyndra cast a shadow over the commercialization of solar power in America, but the Chinese continue to see ...

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At the Fair, Do Calories on a Stick Count?

The Iowa State Fair is a vast, sweet, savory, shameless wonderland full of battered treats — including deep-fried butter on a stick. Read more: ...

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Suburban Taxpayers Vote to Support Detroit Museum

August 9, 2012 The Detroit Institute of Arts was saved from devastating budget cuts Tuesday night after voters in three Michigan counties agreed to institute a property tax increase earmarked specifically for the museum. The levy — known as a millage tax — is expected to raise $23 million a year and put the arts institute on secure financial footing for the first time in two decades. In exchange residents o ...

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A Financial Plan for the Truly Fed Up

August 4, 2012 What to do when traditional investment choices seem riddled with deceit and incompetence? Here are some suggestions for people who want little to do with the usual road to retirement bliss. More: ...

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NASA Cedes Space to Private Sector

href="" title="NASA Cedes Space to Private Sector" While the private sector has always played a major role in American space exploration, the commercialization of space travel is only now becoming a reality. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though it's unlikely that commercial ventures will ever be as inspirational as NASA's efforts, or as purely motivated by humanity's ...

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