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Suburban Taxpayers Vote to Support Detroit Museum

August 9, 2012 The Detroit Institute of Arts was saved from devastating budget cuts Tuesday night after voters in three Michigan counties agreed to institute a property tax increase earmarked specifically for the museum. The levy — known as a millage tax — is expected to raise $23 million a year and put the arts institute on secure financial footing for the first time in two decades. In exchange residents o ...

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The high cost of closing Indian Point

Environmentalists have long had safety concerns about Indian Point, but so far no one has come up with a viable alternative to replace the power it produces. August 8, 2012 Gov. Cuomo has repeatedly said he wants to close down Indian Point, the 2,083-megawatt nuclear plant 35 miles north of Midtown. He may have the leverage to do it — but he’d better look at the costs before he does. Indian Point provides a ...

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Virgin Mary Tree Trunk Found In Sleepy Hollow; Second Image Spotted In July In Tri-State Area (VIDEO)

Is the Virgin Mary a fan of the tri-state area? Not even two weeks after an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was spotted in West New York, another Virgin Mary sighting is causing quite the scene in Sleepy Hollow, New York, bringing plenty of the faithful to the quiet Westchester neighborhood. Patch reports onlookers have gathered across the street from a local church, where a Sleepy Hollow resident stumbled u ...

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How’s That Mom Stuff Working for You?

The Palins truly are an American family: in other words, they're all for sale. “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp” on Lifetime shows a single mother who manages to maintain a fairly carefree life. ...

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This Column Is Not Sponsored by Anyone

Thomas Friedman May 12, 2012 Politics may have America divided, but markets do, too, especially in a society where everything is up for sale. Excerpts: PORING through Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel’s new book, “What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets,” I found myself over and over again turning pages and saying, “I had no idea.” ..."I knew that stadiums are now named for corporations, but had ...

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