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ATM’s Dispense Cash — and Sex Changes

Okay, climate change is a hoax, evolution is just a theory, man roamed the earth with dinosaurs, and scientists around the world are engaged in a giant conspiracy against America.  But technology is an unmitigated good, and we have to get rid of government agencies and their pesky regulations. What will it take to scare people into recognizing man-made environmental hazards? Maybe their penises shrinking? Throughout America, animals are showing the effects of man-made chemicals on the natural environment:  Frogs born with female organs. Male fish laying eggs. Male alligators with tiny penises. Chemicals that mimic human hormones are ubiquitous in American packaging, cosmetics, and even ATM receipts, and there’s growing evidence that they’re causing endocrine disrupters that can cause breast cancer, infertility, and genital deformities. To learn more, check out Nicholas Kristof’s column in the New York Times.  

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