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Republicans Right on Voter Fraud

What do you know? The Republicans are right about voter fraud!

Though Republicans around the country have worked overtime to decry voter fraud and impose measures ostensibly to prevent it, what they’ve really done is make it more difficult for the poor, the young, the elderly, and people of color — that is, likely Democrats — to vote.

Time after time, in study after study and claim after claim, Republicans have failed to demonstrate that voter fraud is a major — or even minor — issue.  They’ve cited anecdotal evidence and electoral lore, some of it quite colorful, but largely without substance.

Voting is a basic right of citizenship; it should be made as easy, efficient, and the results should reflect the views and will of the localities and regions of the country.  Gerrymandering skews electoral representation, and promotes demographic homogeneity and almost virtually permanent incumbency.  Unreasonable legislative and administrative demands for identification and limitations on registration and voting hours are a problem, not a solution.

Some local Republicans have even admitted that their efforts to protect the integrity of the voting process are nothing more than a means to suppress Democratic votes.  But voter suppression seems to be on the increase.

But Republicans actually have a point.  Voter fraud does happen, and fairly often.  But it seems that it generally perpetuated by and for Republicans.  Here are a few examples:

Maybe, just maybe, Democrats should make an issue of this.  Maybe honest people of differing political perspectives can come together to agree that voting is the most basic of rights and traditions, and that it should be as fair and open as possible.  Maybe even the most conservative citizen can agree with the most liberal that expanding the voting franchise provides the best opportunity to vote for the best possible candidates to represent our respective views.

It would certainly be worthwhile to see if Republicans would or could stand up to the challenge of denying their fellow citizens the opportunity to vote for the candidates of their choice.

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