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The Amazing Disappearing President

What is wrong with the Obama Administration?  It continually finds ways to step on its messages and its policies.  While it has had overwhelming support for its principles and policies, it somehow managed to confuse the American public, and indeed the entire world, and often comes across as weak and adrift.  The President can boast of great achievements, but has never seemed capable of — or even interested in — articulating the principles and vision that would inspire public confidence.  The President can deliver a good speech, but his words haven’t been memorable, much less indelible.  He has overcome incredibly partisan opposition, yet his own base doesn’t seem impressed.

As a guest a few years ago on the Daily Show, the President had to endure the impatient, immature dissatisfaction of a clearly disgruntled Jon Stewart.  It was an ominous sign.  While few supporters of Bernie Sanders go so far as to insult the President’s stewardship, it’s clear that they don’t feel any great affection or sense of appreciation for all he’s done.  (Of course, they are also expressing contempt for his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton).  The President still has nine months to show how he’s made this country better, to consolidate his achievements, and instill confidence in the future.  If he succeeds, he’ll go a long way to demonstrating why the country’s very survival may depend on the election of another Democratic president and Democratic Senate.

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