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The Post Gets One Right On Taxis!

A recent NY Post editorial makes a good point in calling for a new process to deploy taxis in New York City. The current plan, inherited from the Bloomberg administration,  forces taxi owners to use one particular model by one particular manufacturer, and doesn’t consider potential new developments in technology, style, and customer wants and needs. At one point in the previous administration’s planning, a Turkish company proposed a stylishly designed cab that would be manufactured locally.  For  reasons that are not clear, that proposal was rejected.  Maybe it should be revisited.

Most current NYC cabs are boxy and uncomfortable.  Their plexiglass dividers and  video monitors block the view of passengers in the back seat.  The new cabs don’t look to be much better.

New York City taxis should be sturdy — big enough not to get lost in a pothole — and safe.  They should have lots of leg room, ample room for luggage, and allow passengers to see where they’re going.  They should be accessible to older people and those with disabilities.  Ideally, they’d be designed to be iconic — perhaps evoking the Checker cab of yesteryear.  They’d be as energy efficient as possible.  And would indeed be manufactured in the New York metropolitan region.

Come on, Mayor de Blasio.  Here’s a wonderful opportunity to make your mark on they city and satisfy both your fans and your critics.

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