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The Trust Issue

In this age of Trump, it’s truly remarkable that much of the public could have such a visceral dislike of the most experienced, qualified, and candidate for President.  Older women, many of them hard-bitten feminists and careerists, few of them starry-eyed idealists, believe in Hillary Clinton.  But despite her acknowledged accomplishments and commitment to generally liberal causes, younger women, and just about everyone else, seem lack of faith in her as a leader.

Nobody can say exactly what it is about here that they distrust, or even what distrust means.  Benghazi, Whitewater, email-gate, her husband’s affairs, Benghazi, her Goldwater-girl days, her love of big banks, her hatred of America, her pantsuits… Fortunes have been spent on investigations by the media and by Congressional critics, countless hours of air time filled with bilious rants against her.   Nothing sticks, but the list goes on and on, endlessly regurgitated till the sour taste never leaves the public’s mouth.

She doesn’t help herself.  She never tells everything she knows, never gets issues completely behind her, never seems to be able to move past her own actions or the terms established by her political opponents.  Most recently she’s gotten tied up in knots trying to define herself as a “progressive” to win the approval of Democratic primary voters, and then seems to be trying to suppress the transcripts of the speeches she gave to Citibank executives.

Here’s a suggestion, Hill.  Stop letting others define you.  Stop covering up who you are, what you’ve said and done, what you believe, and what you plan to do as President.  Be yourself, and sell it.

And most of all, stop scowling.

© 2012 ZD30

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