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Come on, Jeb! Knock The Donald Out — Literally

Why doesn’t Jeb Bush do the one thing that would truly shake up the Republican primary race, end Donald Trump’s reign of terror over the GOP’s establishment and his hold on the  of his faithful followers, and maybe, just maybe, prove he really isn’t a “low-energy,” loser of a candidate?

In the debates in the last few months, Trump hasn’t merely challenged Jeb’s qualification to be President, he’s insulted his family, his character, and his manhood.  Jeb has smiled wanly, slouched behind his podium, and muttered feeble, ineffectual, even effete, responses.   Meanwhile, the poll numbers of the erstwhile favorite for the Republican nomination have dropped to single digits, while those of The Donald’s have stayed at a consistently leading 30%.

There’s a simple solution.  The next time The Donald challenges Jeb’s manhood — and he surely will, because he clearly relishes bullying the hapless youngest son of President George H.W. Bush and brother of President George W. Bush — Jeb! should stand up to him.  Quietly but firmly, he should look The Donald in the eye and say “Enough!  You’ve bullied and bullshitted your way up to now, but it’s over.  Let’s step outside and see who the real man is, you pussy motherfucker.”

Maybe The Donald takes him up on the challenge, and they fight.  In that case, they step outside, and Jeb knocks him cold, or the two get separated by their bodyguards before they come to blows.  Or maybe Donald squishes up his mashed-in pumpkin face, thrusts his jaw forward, puffs up like a blowfish,  answers with another empty insult, and exposes himself as a bloated, blustery fraud.

It would be nice to Jeb turn to the audience and sneer, “There’s the gutless wonder that wants to lead the country.  A lot of mouth, a lot of crap, but a guy who’s never done a hard day’s work in his life.  He’s not a pit bull.  He’s a poodle.  Now it’s time for him to shut his yap.”

Could it happen?  The Republicans talk tough, but in reality they’re only tough on the poor and middle-class, “liberals,” the sick and elderly, the military, and the poor slobs who build things and run things in this country.  Of all the candidates, The Donald is probably the emptiest suit of all, and he’ll fold like the cheap, made-in-China, eponymous suits he wears.



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